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Security Innovations recognises that your home & business security needs have changed & will continue to evolve. Difficult to use products and costly, vulnerable land based phone lines have made security a challenge. To address these challenges, Security Innovations assembled simple to use, reliable and affordable wireless solutions to relieve the worry & stress created by traditional security systems and their providers. At Security Innovations will look out for the best interest of your family, children, homes, offices, Industries and shops. SEAES's interactive wireless technology is simple to use and provides both on-site and remote access to real time information that eliminates your dependency on vulnerable costly land based phone lines.

Security Innovations only uses wireless technology capable of detecting and communicating events associated with intrusion, fire, and floods.  Additionally, we offer devices capable of providing wireless energy management and real time video access.  Security Innovations devices are easy to install, simple to program & require minimal on-site service. Security Innovations interactive solutions are designed for residential & small business. In addition, Security Innovations solutions are well suited for use in multi-family dwellings, apartments, condos, storefronts and office suites. Security Innovations service offerings are powered by one of the nation’s largest and most dependable wireless networks. You can be confident knowing help is there should it be needed.